What an amazing card trick and it will fool!. The secret is the gimmicked card. Take a good look at it as you will notice it looks like you have three cards but it is just one that is specially printed. You hold this in your hand facing the audience with 3 ace cards behind it (sitting flush). You also place one ace card of your choice in in the front.

You begin by just gently pulling down on your first ace card at the front of your card stack. That will then reveal the gimmicked card. It will look as though you are showing 4 random cards behind the ace that are all different. Ask your spectator to choose one card. Tell your audience to choose a different card other than the ace. The ace is too common. Tell your audience to be creative... BUT NOT TELL YOU WHAT THE CARD IS!

No matter what card they are thinking of - always remove the gimmicked card and put it in your pocket. You then tell your audience that the selected card has been removed. They name their card out loud and then you reveal the big finish...

You tell your audience that the card has been removed and NOW all the OTHER CARDS have turned into ACES! You then tell your audience that you must have super psychic magic powers. Their eyes will light up and be amazed!

At the beginning of the trick you can also count the cards to prove there really is five cards. Just do not show the faces. Count them with the backs towards the audience.