A coin is borrowed and locked into a coin case. Everything is banded together and it is proven that the coin cannot escape. You cover the coin case with the magic cloth. When the audience removes the cloth the borrowed coin has escaped and is set free from the case!

You are supplied with a hanky, some rubber bands and a clear coin case. We have set everything up for you to show you HOW it should look to your audience. STOP... BEFORE you perform the trick take a good look at how the rubber bands secure the perspex coin case together.

You borrow a coin from your audience. It can be marked with a black pen if you like to make the trick more authentic. In front of your audience you carefully undo the rubber bands from the coin case and take it all apart. Take the borrowed coin and place it into the coin case again. Placing it all together and securing the coin in the crystal case with the rubber bands. Make sure you shake the coin case to prove the coin is secure inside and cannot come out. It really is locked inside.

You explain to your audience that the borrowed coin is similar to the famous magician Harry Houdini, He can escape with pure magic! You cover the coin case with the hanky. Then say the magic words and whip away the hanky to show the coin has escaped.

The secret is when you place the coin case with the coin inside underneath the cloth your hand squeezes the sides of the case from edge to edge. This will cause the coin case to bend and the coin to slip out of the coin case. It is fast and quick and must be practiced with one hand. You audience will be scratching their heads as to how the coin escaped once they whip away the cloth. One minute it is locked inside and then next it is free like magic!

Practice your magic and guard your secrets well!