Behold this amazing mystery that will have everyone fooled. The secret is some small rubber bands. These are dental bands which you can acquire from your local chemist if you lose them or need more.

Place one rubber band on each of the ends of the tube over the gold foiling. This is the set-up and the secret to this illusion.

You begin the trick by showing the three seperate hankies. Tell your audience that your magic tube will make three seperate hankies tie together.

You place one the hanky in the tube first and leave an end sticking out. Place another inside the tube over this hanky and as you do pull down on the small rubber band. It will snap the ends of the hankies together. This will cause the hankies to appear to be tied together. Perform this process on the other end of the tube as well with the third hanky making sure the ends meet and the rubber band is rolled onto both edges of the hankies.

You blow thru one end of the tube and prove that the hankies have magically tied together. How is this possible... MAGIC!