For this amazing trick you will require 3 Australian 10c coins and a small glass that can fit within the metal magic coin tray.

Begin by taking a close look at the silver tray. Hold it at the edges and with your thumbs push down on the middle of the tray. It will pop out (downwards). This is now set and ready to perform.

The set up is simple. Place two 10c coins neatly on top of each other on the middle of the tray and make sure they are perfectly aligned. They will look like one coin against the black velvet. Cover them up with your glass and explain to the audience that you have one 10c coin in the middle of the tray and you will now perform some serious coin magic.

Once the coin is covered (actually 2 coins) you then display another 10c coin in your hand and press it against the top of the glass. As you push down gently the tray pops upwards with the pressure from the table top and the two coins inside jump off the tray. It looks as though the coin you are holding has magically pierced thru the top of the glass.

To make this even more convincing you will need to learn a change over pass (coin vanish) move. See the video below on how to do a fake coin pass from one hand to another. If you can master the fake pass then when you are magically piercing the coin thru the top of the glass you can then open your hands and show your hands empty.