This is an incredible NO SKILL NEEDED mentalism effect! Your spectators will be astounded for sure!

The ESP Mental Board trick uses a board divided into two columns, with elastic bands positioned to hold ESP cards. Before beginning your routine, you have placed five ESP cards into the holders on the left column, with the card backs facing your audience so they cannot see which ESP symbol was placed in which position.

A spectator then selects a card from a second set of ESP cards. He FREELY CHOOSES in which row to place the selected card- which row he thinks holds the card which matches his card. The spectator does this for each of the five ESP cards, with the result being a board filled with two rows of ESP cards, backs showing to the audience.

With as much buildup and fanfare as you'd like, you turn the board to reveal- the spectator was 100% correct- each ESP card is in the same row as its matching ESP card!

Here is first a simple video on the presentation...

Ok and now the secret? Can you tell how it works? When the spectator tells you to place their cards underneath the numbers they choose they actually change as symbols are secretly already in place. At the beginning of the magic trick when you are making the prediction with your 5 cards you are matching up all the symbols that are secretly on the back of the board.

No matter what number they tell you, the numbered cards will always match because the cards they tell you to place at the numbers slide behind the other symbols.

Everything aligns so magically and smoothly. Practice you magic and learn it well.