FREE WILL - Instructions

You are supplied with three shape pattern discs and a velvet bag. The velvet red bag plays a very special role in this trick. Do not lose it!

The secret is on the back of the three discs. You will see extra gold fill markings on two of the discs. The STAR has no marking. The SQUARE has extra gold fill above the inner eye pattern and the TRIANGLE has extra gold fill markings at the external edges of the border eye design. See the red areas in the picture below. Take a good look at your discs. You will see them... Remember them!


On a piece of paper you must write the words 'I WILL HOLD THE STAR. YOU WILL HOLD THE TRIANGLE AND THE SQUARE WILL BE SEALED IN THE BAG. Place this prediction in the velvet bag.

You begin by asking the spectator to mix up the discs face down on the table. Make sure the velvet bag is also on the table. Have your prediction note inside the bag.

Tell the spectator to choose one. When they do you must direct them to make sure they place the disc somwhere that matches your prediction. What makes this trick amazing is you need to tell the spectator that no one knows the location and order of the symbols. However you will know as you know the secret markings.

Let us just pretend they point to the disc that has the markings on it which is the square pattern. No one will know but you. You must cleverly direct the person to place that disc inside the bag.

When the spectator chooses another disc (perhaps the star) then you would tell the spectator it was a free choice and no one knows what it is and they can hold it in their hand. There will be one disc left which is the TRIANGLE. You the magician takes that one and holds it in your hands.

You then proceed to unravel the prediction from the velvet bag. The spectator reads it out loud and it matches.

Of course you need to be very clever with what is chosen. Let us think for a moment and wonder perhaps if the spectator chose the TRIANGLE symbol first. You would know as you can see the markings. You would tell the spectator to hold it. Then when they choose another one - perhaps the STAR - the magician would then hold it. The last pattern would be the SQUARE which goes in the bag. The prediction would still match but this time the magician would read the prediction and not the spectator.