Illusion Builders Australia

Mike Krantis (The Amazing Magic Mike) is one of Australia's most famous magic and illusion consultants and builders for some of the best magicians and illusionists worldwide. Mike will bring your large scale illusion to life from start to finish. He designs and creates projects for famous magicians and illusionists, theme parks and touring stage shows.

Here at Mike's Magic Shop we produce some of the worlds most famous classical and modern illusions and can also custom make your own design bringing your ideas to life. We have a dedicated warehouse and workshop.

Our most popular 'off the shelf illusions' can be purchased online and require a custom production time of up to 10 weeks. View our range.

Some of our most famous large scale illusions include : 

  • Sawing In Half Illusion
  • Girl To Lion Illusion
  • Backstage With The Magician Illusion
  • Modern Art Illusion
  • Sword Box illusion
  • Flying Girl Illusion
  • Appearing Motorbike Illusion
  • Shadow Box Illusion
  • Origami Illusion

What can we build for you? Please contact us to discuss your large scale illusion project.