LOOPS are the most ultimate magicians device. You are supplied with 5 loops per package. Before every performance you wear one of them on your wrist. However you might want to wear one on each wrist as a back up plan in case the object you choose to levitate breaks.

The concept is very easy - remembering not to perform underneath bright lights. The dimmer the better as the light will not reflect on the invisible elastic thread.

The most popular effects with loops are the 'moving fork' and 'moving sunglasses'.

Start with the fork. As you go to lay it on the table in front of you make sure you hook the prongs onto the thread loop. You will then have a web between your fork and your wrist. By moving your hands gently you can make the fork spin on the table.

With the sunglasses the hook up is similar. This time lie the sunglasses on the table and as you lift your hands the sunglasses will tilt up.

Remember to make sure that you are configuring the set-up similar to a fishing line technique. You are hooking objects onto the loop which is around your wrist or spread amongst your fingers.

DO NOT FORGET to use YOUTUBE as your ultimate learning source to see how other people use loops. Search for magic loops trick.