This wonderful frame performs miracles. The magician displays a perspex frame and places a playing card or piece of paper into the middle section. With a little magic a pencil or pen is then pierced thru the middle, straight thru the perspex.

The paper or playing card is then removed to show there is no hole. How did the pencil melt thru the middle.

This little illusion is simple to do once you know how to operate the magical frame. The good thing is it can then be inspected. No one will figure out how unless they have owned one before.

The magic frame is easy to operate. We have already set up the frame for you to show you how the secret operates. By pulling out the centre (red) framework you can then cause the secret hole to vanish out of sight and even lock into place.

Check out the video here.... 

We believe you should start the trick by displaying a playing card or piece of paper already in the frame. You push a pencil straight thru and show a hole has been made.

When you take out the card or pencil the perspex can be slid back into (locking) place to hide the hole.

You can then hand it out for examination.

Practice your magic and learn it well!