The SHRINKING CIGARETTE is easy to use. In your package you receive the following ...

1. A black metal tube that we will call the transformation tube. It has a small brass looking lid

2. A fake realistic cigarette

3. A tiny cigarette

4. The secret plunger gimmick to remove the cigarette after performance

Before you present this illusion make sure you place the small tiny cigarette inside the big one. You can then give your spectator the black transformation tube and brass lid. You are ready to start the magic!

Begin by showing the large cigarette. Your audience thinks its real because quite frankly it looks real. They do not know it has a little tiny cigarette inside. Tell your audience you are magically working on new ways to stop people smoking. Then place the cigarette quickly into the tube with the tobacco end going in first. Then hold it in the air and get the spectator to put the lid on.

What happens when you place the large cigarette in the tube is it expands and fills the tube and will not come out. When the spectator then takes the lid off again and shakes out the container, the little cigarette will pop out and they will not be able to see or get out the large cigarette. It is an amazing transformation.

So how do you get the large cigarette out again. It's simple. You are supplied with a plastic little plunger. You place it in the tube and twist it and pull on it. It will then pull out the cigarette so you can repeat the trick.

Practice your magic and perform it well!