The stop light cards are super easy to perform. A coloured dot vanishes from a card and jumps to another card by magic. We do suggest you check out the video first on how the trick should be presented....

The secret lies behind one of the gold stickers. The gold sticker hides the green dot when you remove the card. This causes the illusion that the green dot has jumped from card to card.

You begin the trick by showing the black cards in their sleeves. You then explain that you will cause one of the dots to jump from one card to the other with magic. There is no real need to magician force the green dot. You can just tell them. In the video a magician force is used to make sure the spectator selects the green dot.

When you remove the card with the three coloured dots on it from the clear sleeve, be sure to make sure no one sees the sneaky printed dot on the clear plastic sleeve.