You are supplied with a white pair of shoelaces which you must place into your existing shoes. They will match the trick shoelace which is attached to the retractable reel.

Once you have installed the new shoelaces - do them up as normal and then on one of the shoes tuck in the ends gently up your pants leg. You must wear long pants for this trick.

Now get ready to set up the trick shoe lace and the reel attached. The reel is clipped onto the top of your pants and once you have pulled on the reel and lace, leave it dangling out the bottom of your pants. Your pants will hide your normal lace.

When people take note of your shoelaces you then shake your leg and as you do - press the button on the reel. This will cause the gimmicked shoelace to shoot back up your leg. You can then pinch up your pants and show the shoelace has magically tied itself up (of course it was already tied up and hidden under the pants).

The trick is a great opening trick. Practice makes perfect!