What is the Crystal Cleaver? It's simply amazing!

A finger ring (which may be borrowed) is placed into a crystal casket and the top is closed. The box is covered with an empty tube. A magical cleaver (a small sword) is inserted into the top of the tube, and then magically pushed down through the crystal casket and through the ring.

When the tube is removed, the sword is through the ring inside the casket. How did the sword penetrate through the solid ring? It's an extreme puzzle and very cool!

The secret to making this trick work is in the black base. Within the base is a spring that pops up when the purple cover is placed on correctlly to the black base.

Just watch the videos below. One is the performance video and the other one is the secret video set up. The secret to this trick is in the black base of the prop. We show you how to set it up!

When the purple cover is placed on top of the base the black base it will then push the ring casket to the top so you secretly can push the sword into the ring thru the clear casket. When you then push down the sword it locks it in place into the black base and it looks as though the sword has melted and penetrated thru the ring.