Simply one of magic's most awesome close up puzzles. It is super easy to do! Just make sure you follow the sequence and it will look ever so baffling.

Here is our routine on how to present this amazing trick.

The set up is as follows...

1. In the red box place the yellow ball. In the other red box place the red ball. Push the two red boxes together so that one fits inside the other and the two balls are squished together.

2. Place the blue ball into the black box. Now place the red box that you assembled before into the black box, squishing the blue ball down inside. Fit the remaining black box over the red box so that it fits inside the other black box.

You need to secretly make sure during the routine the yellow ball and blue ball are hidden at all times.

You start the puzzle by showing the black box. You may wish to have a rubber band around the black box to hold everything together. You open it carefully and remove the red box. Before you open the red box - close the black box together again making sure you are still hiding the blue ball within the black box. Carefully open the red box and reveal the yellow ball. Do no reveal the red ball. Remove the yellow ball and place the black box inside the red box. How does the black box now fit inside the red box?

At this point in the routine you will understand the idea and premise of the famous Gozinta Box routine. You will notice that the boxes are not square. By turning the boxes different ways they will fit into each other in different ways depending on how you rotate the boxes. It becomes an optical illusion as to how the boxes now reverse and fit into each other the opposite way. Doing it quickly will confuse the audience.

You then magically now take the black box out of the red box. Close the red box back together hiding the red ball still in the red box. Open the black box to reveal a blue ball. Where did it come from?

The last part of the trick is opening the red box again to reveal the red ball.

How did the balls appear? Magic or science? Maybe just some clever sleight of hand. It will have your audience baffled!

Take a look at a presentation below. You can alter the presentation slightly remembering that during the opening and closing of the boxes and swapping of boxes into each other you have to make sure you are hiding balls inside their box lids.