You are supplied with a professional travel case that contains your magical floating table.

The first thing to remember is to make sure that once your table is pieced together that you do not leave it out on show when you are not using it. The secret lies in the table material (balsa wood). Balsa is very lightweight and the table can fall over if bumped. It will break and smash easily.

Take a good look at the blue cloth supplied. We have marked the cloth with a white sticker. There is an opening where the sticker is located and this is where the gimmick wire is inserted. The other end of the gimmick stick out of the hole in the middle of the cloth and sticks into the side of the table top where the small hole is located.

The black wire gimmick is hidden the whole time inside the cloth. It will naturally fall downwards at the back of the table.

The cloth when held at both corners will cause the table to rise. The table is light weight. You can ask a spectator to grab the other side of the cloth by the two corners on the other side of the table. The illusion of the table floating is pure magic.

Be careful not to make the table float too fast our out of control. You may lose the wire gimmick and the table may fall.

Supplied with the outfit is the magnetic candle stick and magnetic gravity box. These two props help to highten the magic and make the table look heavier and solid.

If you balsa table should scratch or become dented then use boot polish to touch up the timber staining.