THE WEB CARD TRICK - Instructions

Welcome to magic's most scariest card trick. For this trick you will need to learn the flustration count. Here is a video below to help you...

At the start of the trick you take your spectators hands and hold them still in front of you with their palms up. Secretly stick the fake spider onto the back of their hands. You are supplid with the fake spider and some sticky wax.

Begin by placing the web card on the bottom of the stack of cards. Then begin the flustration count. This will apparently show all cards to have webs on them. But this is not the case as you are performing sleight of hand.

Repeat the flustration count as many times as you like making sure the spectator understands that webs can vanish and appear again. At some point in your routine you ask them to wave their hand over the cards to magically dust off the webs. They will freak out over a spider appearing!

Check out a performance on the below video on how the trick should appear and look when performed...