Get ready to wow your friends with this amazing dice trick. A small dice is shown inside a solid wooden box. Everything can be examined. The dice is sealed and cannot roll around inside the box but with a little magic the magician can change the number fast!

You are supplied the magic box with magic dice and the secret gimmick that performs all the magic for you. Don't forget you can hand the entire trick out before and after with nothing to find. This is easy to do!

The secret is the magnetic finger clip. You wear this in between your fingers and when you shake the container with the dice in it - this will then cause the dice to catch and turn. It will only turn with the magnetic pull of the magnetic finger clip.

Watch the video to see how the handling is achieved. Make sure you practice first. Be patient. The dice will move! There is a little knack to making the magic work for your well!

Here is the performance video ...