Get ready to entertain with BITE OUT COOKIE! Take a good look at the cookie you are supplied. It is a plastic mould (fake). The cookie is all set up with its core rubber band in place. Upon inspection you will see that the cookie bends in half.

You begin the trick by showing the cookie. As you place it up to your mouth to take a bite you actually do not and your thumb peels the half back. The illusion looks as though you have bitten out of the cookie. You can then magically spit back the cookie and it visually appears back on. Release your thumb from holding it back in place and it will flip back really fast!

I personally like to start by showing a real pack of Oreo cookies. Prior to your show you set the fake one up inside the Oreo packet. I offer some around and then take the fake one for myself. I personally do not perform the classic spitting restoration. Instead i take the fake bite and then wrap the remainder of the cookie into a napkin for someone to hold. Then i still continue to chew (FAKE). You then open the napkin and the cookie has magically appeared back on!