Get ready to wow your friends with a very simple magic trick involving the simple secret of black art!

You are supplied with a black velvet matt (strip of black fabric), two plastic black rings and the '?' secret cover. The secret within this trick lies within one of the black rings. If you take a look at one of the rings it has a fake, black bottom.

Begin by laying the black velvet matt on the table. Show your coin (of your choice) and place it next to the matt on the table. On the black matt make sure you have the two plastic rings. You can pick up one and show it to be normal. People will have no clue that one of the rings has a secret black bottom which will hide your coin and make it vanish.

Begin the trick by taking the cardboard'?' and placing it on one ring (the one without the black fabric secret bottom. Then gather up the gimmicked ring so you now have a stack. Show your coin and place it in the middle of your black matt. Cover the coin with the stack.

With a little hocus-pocus you can then take away the cardboard '?' and people can look into the rings. The coin has vanished!

Of course the coin is just hidden underneath the bottom ring that has the secret black velvet attached. The principle behind this trick is secretive black art - hiding.

Practice your magic and perform it well!