The magician's wrists are securely chained, but in a matter of seconds, the magician escapes!

We supply you with a quality chain and basic padlock. The chain is equipped with two rings; one at each end. Begin by forming a loop by passing the end of the chain without the ring through the end ring (Ring 1).

Your left hand goes through this loop, with your thumb pointing up. The loop is tightened with Ring 1 on top of the wrist. See fig.1.

The rest of the chain is left hanging down over the palm side of the wrist. This is IMPORTANT! It provides slack needed for the escape!

Next, the right wrist is pressed firmly, palm to palm, against the chain and left wrist. See fig 2.

The wrists must be held firmly to prevent the chain from shifting. The chain is brought up around the back of the wrist and the end of the chain is pulled through ring 2. Now bring the end of the chains up towards the top of the wrists and fasten it tightly to one of the other links in the chain. See fig 3.

Once fastened, show your audience that the chain is secured tightly and that it is impossible to escape. Then tell them to watch close.

To escape, move your right hand on top of the left wrist, keeping your left hand stationary. The chain will now be so loose that the wrists can slip out quickly and easily, without unlocking the locks!

To cover this action, you can drape a cloth over your wrists or just simply turn away from the audience.