The magician rolls up a newspaper and pours liquid into the centre of the newspaper. A cup is then introduced and the magician quickly dunks the cup into the centre of the rolled up newspaper for a few seconds and removes it with all the liquid now in the cup!

The newspaper in unrolled to show nothing is wet! You are supplied with the amazing trick cup that will last a decade of heavy use in your magic shows.

Take a good look at the cup. It has an inner shell. When you first show the cup to your audience you demonstrate that the cup goes into the newspaper. As you do this you leave the outer shell behind and steal away the inner cup and place it in your table.

When you pour the liquid into the newspaper it is actually being poured into the shell of the cup. When you now take the cup off the table and place it into the cup inside the newspaper it will naturally fit tight and you can quickly remove both cups now together.

The illusion is very unique and it looks as though you have magically captured liquid from the middle of a newspaper with an ordinary cup.