Learn these amazing magic tricks and amaze your friends...


THE DICE BOMB is a visual wonder. You are supplied with a magnetic dice shell. Begin the set up of the trick by placing all the little dice neatly into the large dice.

Then load the big dice with the little dice inside of it into the clear magical canister. Place on the black lid and get ready to perform magic!

The black lid is actually magnetic. When you now shake the canister with the lid on UP AND DOWN, the large dice will stick to the black lid underneath and out of view. The little dice will then explode and appear inside the clear canister.


Vanishing Miracle Card Box Magic Trick Magic Shop

VANISHING MIRACLE CARD BOX. Take a close look at the magical black box. There is a small magnet supplied that when stuck to the inside of the box will reveal a magnetic flap. This flap will make a playing card vanish.

Begin by placing the card in the magic box and making sure prior to doing so that the flap is removed and ready to be shut against the playing card. The magic then happens and you shut the box. When opening it again the playing card is now underneath the secret magnetic flap that only you can get out with the secret magnet supplied.


The BALL AND VASE trick is a classic of magic. If you take a good look at the vase it has a secret lid that will reveal a secret 'half shell ball'.

Begin the trick by showing the vase with the 'whole ball' inside of the vase. Remove the ball and place it in your pocket. Tell your audience it will magically return.

When you say the magic words you remove the secret top lid of the vase to reveal the secret 'half ball' gimmick. It will look as though the ball has magically returned.